Element Building is a full-service real estate developer that utilizes all of our talent, resources and creative deal-making to develop responsible and profitable properties. 


We approach real estate development from the owner's/investor’s perspective, as we have an ownership interest in a large percentage of the projects we produce. When analyzing a development opportunity, Element Building utilizes local relationships within the community to ensure the right structure gets built in the right location to suit the short-term and long-term needs of the market. We manage the development process from the initial concept and acquisition/assemblage of the land to the final disposition of the asset, which provides continuity and accountability that delivers financial results.


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We used Element Building for the new Thirty-Thirty Coffee in Junction City. Steve and his crew were very easy to work with, friendly, and did a fantastic job on the quality of work! We will definitely be using them in the future! - Ty Paluska / Thirty-Thirty Coffee Co.