Building Quality Lives

Our Mission to build quality structures so we can give 70% of profits to build quality lives for vulnerable children and orphans throughout the world.

We proudly support the ministry efforts of Lifesong for Orphans as they serve the most vulnerable children around the world in places like Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, Bolivia, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Liberia, Zambia, India, and Cambodia.


In February 2017, The Element team visited Lifesong’s Open Arms Ministry (Ministre de Bras Ouverts) campus in Bercy, Haiti for a vision trip. There, we developed a relationship with missionaries Mike and Amy Rivas and learned about their plans to construct a compound that at completion will house a high school, student residence, ministry center, guest house, kitchen/dining facility, and plantain farm. Encouraged by the Rivas’ vision, Element plans to return yearly to aid with the project.

Lifesong For Orphans

lifesong-logoThe opportunity is open for customers and team members to experience these ministries first-hand, through vision trips, where funds are having a direct impact on transforming people’s lives.  You can learn more about Lifesong’s mission and how to get involved by visiting

Gobena Coffee

gobena-coffee-logoAdditionally, you can help support orphan care ministries and enjoy great coffee at the same time – just visit and purchase coffee for yourself or as a gift and a portion of every transaction will go directly to Lifesong as well!

The staff did an extremely good job on this design-build project